Back on track….

So on the 22nd, we arrived in an unnamed bay , off of Holkham bay, and anchored, i thought it also was Holkham bay but the other skippers were not so sure, we had a marvelous view of the mountain ridge to our left, and then to our right, as the boat turned, LOL!!!     The other two boats anchored near us, and we were then invited to come along the next day, together with Gail and Claire and Fee, (fiona), on Imagine, to head into Tracy arm, and check both Sawyer glaciers out!     Its would be pretty tricky going in with Curtsy and Ca Vahn, plus it would be a lot more fun all together, we were all going to bring goodies for lunch, Fee and Claire made a wonderful soup, Ann had baked home made bread, we brought goats cheese, crackers and pepper jelly, and Gail baked cookies!!!   They were so good!!!!      At 9 in the morning, Imagine came alongside, i made sure i had my camera equipment with me!!    So , away we went!!      Don is an excellent skipper, Ann kept a close eye on the chart, and on the ice, it didnt take long before we saw the bergs, first some small ones but they grew in size , and at that point, Don asked for two of us to go on ice duty, equipped with a boat hook, to keep the smaller pieces away from the hull.      Oh and did i mention that it was a bright SUNNY day??!!!

Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 076ice we encountered before we got to Holkham bay.   What a gorgeous color!!  The dense glacier ice absorbs every other color of the spectrum except blue, and that’s what we see, just this beautiful blue.

Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 081

Mv Cruzeiro Do Sul with skipper Gail.Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 103Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 084

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