as i said, incredible views along the way….

Got a bit sidetracked there, we were now coming into glacier country, big mountains, with glaciers up high, most of them only reaching halfway down.   On June 22nd, we traveled towards Tracy arm, it became wilder and wilder here, and we wanted to stop and stare but the tide was in our favor too, so , better to go on!!     Somewhere we went into a small inlet, at the head was a glacier, coming down between towering mountains, the water was freezing cold, and had that green, silty color, from the runoff, its a weird feeling, to not be able to look into the water, especially when you anchor, and your anchor disappears below the water, you cannot see a thing, creepy feeling!!!      We traveled through Stephens Passage, and encountered “bergie bits”, as they are called, chunks of ice, coming out of Tracy arm and Endicott arm.        Now i just realized, after calling Bert for help, that we , while anchored in Thomas bay, explored into the Baird glacier mud flats, we tried to get as close as we could to the glacier, so i have to back track a bit, again, sorry about this , but its been a while, and the funny thing is that i wrote nothing about the Baird glacier in my log book, but i did take some great photos, so here they are!!!

Baird glacier up high, some of the ice still coming down into the inlet.    The silty water from the glacier in the inlet.Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 015Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 017Alaska Tracy arm Taku bay 005

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