Wrangell Narrows…..Petersburg!!!

On Saturday, June 17th, we took off again, heading for Wrangell Narrows.     Now, this has to be planned, we went through here before, 5 years ago, so remembered what to do, what to watch out for.   We crossed Sumner Strait, and then hung around, near Point Alexander, waiting for the tide to proceed, the trick is to go into Wrangell Narrows, towards the bottom of the flood, then catch the slack doing the rest of it, if its all timed right, all goes well!!       Bert did some fishing while we waited and waited, boats came out, some very large ones, the sun was shining, actually, it was warm!!!     we took off our winter clothing, and opened the cockpit.     nearly a lone sea otter was hanging around, lying on his back, like they do, munching on an urchin.          After another hour, it was time to head in, no other boats were waiting, it was very quiet, i guess maybe because it was Saturday…..            After a half hour, i spotted something in the water to our port side, it seemed to be struggling badly, as we came close, we saw it was an adult bald eagle, swimming for his life, desperately trying to reach the shore, there was nothing we could do, nothing, we could not stop because of the now strong running tide, so i kept a very close look on him, and he did come closer and closer to shore, i just know he made it!!!!   I do wonder if he was holding a fish in his talons?????

Trying for the shore……2017 Alaska Petersburg Thomas Bay 023

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