Continuing on…slowly……taking our time…


We headed into Clarence Strait , and in Kashevarof passage, we saw our first Sea otters, a whole family of them!!!     It was cold, blowy, grey but we didn’t mind. Kashevarof Passage is a wild place, the currents run strong there, there are tidal rips and rocks all over the place….we dont like rocks…….Large vessels do not use this passage but go through Snow Passage.     We headed to Exchange cove, which is a very large, well sheltered anchorage with excellent holding.  We anchored halfway in , in 36 feet of water, the anchor set very fast and strongly.        At the shore, a very shiny, fat looking black bear was munching on the new grass.    This is what they mainly eat, although a lot of folks think they constantly hunt for meat, the young grasses hold a lot of protein and fat, and this guy, (we could hear him chewing), looked very nice!!        Our boating friends ,Vaughan and Rita were now well on their way to Glacier Bay, to meet the deadline.    Don and Janice , after having parked their boat in Ketchikan, hopped on the ferry to Juneau….Smart!!!!

Into Clarence Strait.     We didnt get much power from our solar panels, not enough sun. Weather comes on very quickly….

2017 Alaska Petersburg Thomas Bay 0202017 Alaska Petersburg Thomas Bay 018

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