Like i wrote, back to Miles Inlet for just a moment….

This is what i wrote in my journal, i kept it up every day, tried to write what i saw, what i felt.

This marvelous place, Miles Inlet ,with all its secrets, all the different shades of green,an eagle calling, we found its nest, high on top of a dead tree, overlooking the inlet and the ocean beyond, the overfall of water, doing what it has always done ,sounding like a lovely rippling brook, and then becoming quiet as a mill pond, only to run the other way, water coming in, running hard into the lagoon.  Two ospreys ,maybe one parent, one young, calling together with that high pierced osprey call, the parent flying acrobatics , seemingly showing the young one how it s done!!     The racks here are ice scarred from long ago, nature is painting designs on the boulders that are just above the tide, submerged at times, they are modern works of art.   We saw a drab six armed star, maybe called drab, but oh so beautiful to us.      A lesser Scaup duck swam in front of us, quite concerned with this visit, he seemed to try to lead us away.   We saw blue jays, working on their nest, this place is so quiet, so peaceful, i could easily be here for a while…..2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 059shaman rock ??    reflections in the water…..     Below, natures paint brush.2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 051

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