Cape Caution!

Every time again, it feels like a nerve wracking but also exciting event, to go around the Cape.      May 17 was the day, 5 a.m. (WHAT???), in the morning, tide was right, swell would be right, but the thing is, usually after a good blow the day before, you still get the swell the next day, and swell there was!!!     I could not possibly stay down below, leave alone cook something, i made coffee beforehand, and had all kinds of snacks ready, all i could do was look forwards, to the bow, watch the skyline, try to ignore the bucking and swaying of the boat, our boating friends on Baraka Bashad had already left, his boat is fast, and they were always way ahead of us, but the folks on SV WATERFORD stayed behind us, and this way we watched out for each other.   I took some great photos of their boat in the swells, it looks like she was out on the high seas, crossing the ocean!!! We rounded Cape Caution at 10.15 am      The decision was made to go to Fury Cove, we had not been there before, it is a very popular anchorage, room for lots of boats, and good holding.  I just realized that i had some other nice info about Miles Inlet, lets face it, it has been awhile, 6 months back, but i will post this first, then back track a wee bit, and then go on again!!      I kept two journals, a tad confusing, i am at the moment surrounded by books, charts, and all kinds of info.    I should do better once i get going. 2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 108SV WATERFORD disappearing in the swell.2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 114Incredible, how boats can just deal with everything, its us, the crew, that get a bit pale……

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