Back to boating…..

Baraka Bashad at her dock.Ginger 4H Baraka Bashad haul out 065Ginger 4H Baraka Bashad haul out 073Ginger 4H Baraka Bashad haul out 075Our friends, Vaughan and Rita ,own a marvelous steel boat, i have been writing about her before, she is a ketch, 56′, Phyl Rhodes design, hull #782.   She was built in Holland and has a wonderful feel about her, her interior is all teak and mahogany woods, and in the main cabin , she boasts a wonderful , very dutch looking wood stove!!!         Anyways, she is big, and heavy, very heavy, and its an enormous challenge to move her out of her slip, leave alone back into it!!!          They plan to take her to Alaska this summer , and Vaughan decided to make life easier for himself and Rita.          He is installing a thruster, in the bow.    To do this, he has hauled the boat out, and (BIG) holes will be cut into the hull.   I have started with taking photos of her haul out, Both Bert and Vaughan brought the boat in, at Westport marina.        Later this week, the hull will be prepared for installing the big steel tube , which has to run, VERY level, from one side of the hull to the other.    But first, here are some photos…..Ginger 4H Baraka Bashad haul out 094Ginger 4H Baraka Bashad haul out 084

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