A little something about bokeh photography….

This way of taking photos has become a lot of fun for me.    i have the right lens for it;a Tamron SP, 90 mm 1:2.8    MACRO1:1.         it is a nice little lens, not expensive but it does the job.       i noticed a lot of photos in Bokeh on Pinterest, and became interested. Bokeh is a Japanese word, and it basically states that it is the aesthetic quality of the blur which is produced by images out of focus.   Bokeh has been defines as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”       I have been practicing on the water droplets on the pansies standing in front of my galley porthole.    It is not easy…….   you figure, well, just aim ,focus and shoot, but this Tamron lens is so sensitive that the slightest movement, and your idea is gone, and yes, remember , i live on a boat……..     Ginger 4H Baraka Bashad haul out 011Ginger 4H Baraka Bashad haul out 017Ginger 4H Baraka Bashad haul out 019

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