I need to tell you about “that vitamin movie”!!!!

First of all, here is the link;  https://vimeo.com/159963991

So, here is a story, that is directly and indirectly related to our life style, any ones life style, but, we live on board of our sailboat, and somehow i feel we need to be even more healthy, more strong, being able to deal with stressful situations, and still stay cool so to speak.  We already take vitamins, we take B12 METHYL , which is the best way to take this as the pills dissolve under the tongue ,going directly into the blood stream.         The older we get, the more we need B12.       We also take co enzyme Q10, for heart health, D3, most important as you will see when you watch the video, we take zinc and eye factors for eye health.      I have been taking halibut oil capsules for over 20 years now and have Bert taking them too.        But , the big one is vitamin C!!!!!    neither of us were taking this vitamin, we eat two oranges each , organic ones , every morning , so we figured we get enough C, well, the average orange contains 50 to 60 mg of Vitamin C!!!!    Not ok!!!    Caulifower and peppers and broccoli contain more vitamin C then oranges.   I had no idea………     We just started taking 7000 mg of Vitamin C , each, i have been not well, and just cant seem to shake this bug, so, we will see what the C will do!!!      Please watch the video, the information is truly amazing!!!

We eat quite different from other folks, i follow a food plan called http://www.whole30.com     and according to the video we are doing the right thing.      At Christmas time we veered off our usual diet and i believe that is why i got sick so easily.    A lot more sugar, more processed foods, dairy, and bad fats.

I buy organic veggies and fruits , as much as possible, i buy our meats at the local butcher, grass fed beef, organic pork and chickens, we dont eat refined sugars and flours , i do bake for Bert with organic ,gluten free flour and gluten free oats.

For cooking , i use only organic, cold pressed coconut oil, organic olive oil and organic avocado oil, no other fats.

So, enough about that, please watch this video, so worth it, it might just change your life!!!!!!








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