Amazing boating blogs!!!

I have written about these two blogs before, but we so admire these incredible boaters that i want to remind you of the blogs.

The first one    Ellen and Seth have been travelling around the world, they sailed back towards the West coast here by way of the North West passage, and their photography is truly amazing and beautiful.   They just received the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD!!!      Check them out, truly a wonderful read!!

The other, most wonderful blog is   They have been under way towards  French Polynesia and beyond for a couple years now, and their adventures are truly amazing, reading about all the mishaps, how they repaired while under way, and then dealt with whatever was and is coming their way, i so admire these two young folks, Jessie and Neil, you have two big admirers here on SV CURTSY!!!!!!    Keep writing, keep going, we are with you in spirit!!!!!

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