Ice and more ice…..

Today is January 14, last night was one of the coldest nights here, -7, the Bay is frozen, right up to the entrance at the ferry dock, yesterday , the ice broke up into large chunks which started to move all over the place. Because the tide went out, and its been a very low and high tide as we just had a full moon, the ice refroze into all kinds of strange shapes, i woke up at 3 a.m. to the banging and clunking of the ice flows, hitting Curtsy at Starboard and creeping between the boat and the dock at Portside.     Right now it is 1.30 pm, and the ice is melting, it is definitely becoming warmer.      One of the diving boats from Rockfish divers, Alysa at the helm, her husband Tyler at the bow, managed to get turned around in the ice, they are docked close to  the shore , in front of the Lodge, sitting in solid ice, Tyler managed to break it all apart around the boat, i took a small video of them leaving the bay, the dog, near the end of the video is Oscar, who had second thoughts about walking the dock!!!   (cold paws)blob:

3 thoughts on “Ice and more ice…..

  1. I truly look forward to seeing you, Meong and Bert on Saturday mornings at MOSI Bakery! In fact, I have been working in the back in production for the last week and tonight, I made the Mixed Berry Mascarpone and Almond Croissants (extra special) just for you two tomorrow! Love you to bits! Janice!

    • hallo,Janice, so good to see you on saturday, you work so hard but do it with a smile, which is so wonderful to see!! i just noticed that my name printed in capital letters, my phone did that, that was not my plan!! I have such a crazy name, but my mom gave it to me, its my nickname, my official name is Marianne. See you coming saturday, we are bringing friends!!!! hugs!!!!

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