It is Christmas Eve….

Tess and i went into town, downtown Victoria ,to look at the lights, and it looks so festive, very much so like an European town, the Empress again this year, has a display of Christmas trees, and everywhere outside,broken-docks-and-christmas-005


Well decorated government buildings.


View of the harbour.


Looking towards downtown.

the trees are decorated.    We will be spending Christmas here, in Victoria, having dinner together with friends.

WE would like to wish everyone, all our family, friends and fellow boaters a wonderful Christmas, with joy and peace, we wish you all a great New Year, in good health, may you all have fair winds!!!!

1 thought on “It is Christmas Eve….

  1. So nice to see you at Mosi’s today! You made my day especially with your big loving hug! We were able to donate dozens and dozens of loaves of bread and pastries to three charities tonight. Thank you to the generosity of Melissa and Stefano Mosi!

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