MOSI !!!! the best coffee shop and bakery there is!!!

And, not just that!!  they make some incredible lunches!!   (almost) every Saturday morning, around 9, you will find us at Mosi, a bakery/coffee shop/lunch spot , on West Saanich rd.    We  need to be there at 9, or maybe 9.15, no later, as the place then fills up very fast and is packed with folks.

This bakery was founded well over 20 years ago, and the owners, Stefano and Melissa Mosi ,are the original founders of La Collina Bakery ,an award winning bakery ,which opened in 1997 on Cedar Hill Road in Victoria, B.C.     Stefano’s father ,Virgilio Mosi,co-founded the Italian Bakery and his grandfather had a Pasticceria in Torino ,Italy.   Stefano and Melissa lived in Hawaii for 7 years , there they adopted a baby girl ,and after the 7 years, decided the move back to Canada.      The main reason being , needing to be closer to family and share their baby girl with them!!    They  are very hard workers, and have created a most wonderful place to come and sit , enjoy a very good cup of coffee, and most of all, and these are our weakness, eat at least two croissants each, Bert likes the almond cream ones, and i love the marscapone ,cream cheese and berry croissant.      I buy our bread here, usually 100 % whole wheat, or multigrain.   Everything is made in the back of the building where the bakery is. Usually Stefano comes rushing out with a huge tray , full of loaves or other baked goodies.  Th e service is great, everyone is friendly, Janice, one of the ladies , is always there to great us, and runs around to make sure evryone has what they need.       We give this bakery 10 stars, as 5 is just not enough.


Mosi Bakery on the corner of West Saanich rd.and Prospect Lake rd.


You order at the counter, but not after having searched for a free table, and quickly grab it!!!


Every day, all the baked goods are fresh, made early that morning.








1 thought on “MOSI !!!! the best coffee shop and bakery there is!!!

  1. Thank you so much for your incredible kind words and your dear greetings that we look forward to every Saturday. Definitely on our “favourite customers” list!

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