December 5,Sinterklaas dag ,December 6.

It is slowly getting colder, the wind comes from the NW mostly, which means clear skies , cold, and maybe snow….    The docks are frozen this morning, and the Malahat is painted a soft pink ,definitely something is coming!!    It is now noon and the sky is a heavy slate grey, snow on the way.     I love this kind of weather, the clear ,bright air, ice sparkling in the sunlight.    Looking at ,another storm is on its way, this one coming from the South, never a dull moment!!!


Snowy,early morning Malahat.

2 thoughts on “December 5,Sinterklaas dag ,December 6.

    • Hallo Les, thank you for looking into the blog, i can only imagine why you left Prince Rupert, i know that the rains there are unbelievable, we are not going South this year, too much going on here, plus family is coming to see us, we wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very good New Year, with joy and good health!! take care!!!

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