A few more wonderful things about the Sunshine Coast.

I know its already December, but there are still a few things to be said and shown regarding the Sunshine Coast.  I was there in October, staying with my friend, and we traveled around a bit, the Art crawl was on, and we tried to see as many of the artists, but after a few places , and a whole lot of beautiful art, we needed a spot to eat lunch and rest a bit, its amazing , how fast you get tired, going in and out of places, trying to see it all…. First of all , we did go to the Madeira Bistro ,where a friend of ours gave a show for the little ones ,singing wonderful songs he had written and reading them a story.    George Connell is an amazing artist, not only does he write some wonderful books and poems, he writes his own songs and performs where he can!    And….he makes the most incredible and tasty cheeses!!!       pender-harbourdavid-jen-tess-george-at-the-bistro-025


George,singing to all of us!!


This little guy was quite mesmerized by this gent in his kilt!!

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