Traveling to our beloved pender harbour and Comox.

August ended up being our month for traveling, we wanted to visit friends in Pender Harbour, also Tess, our daughter came to visit ,and we kayaked to our friend Shendra’s place.   Its the only time this year i have been in my kayak, and i miss it every day, but there was always something else going on.       We anchored in front of Madeira park, we noticed that there is good holding, plus Bert could row the dinghy back and forth, our former bay , Gerrans bay, where we loved to anchor is now slowly filling with all kinds of boats, some with very long line out, and its just not comfortable there any more.   On Saturdays, the sailing club holds a race , usually  7 to 10 boats participate, and we were in a perfect spot to watch the race.      I took some funny photos which i would like to share.


aahhh….. heh dude!!! thats a bit close!!!!!


Manual distance keeper!!!


Now what?????


SV LARK in the foreground, beautiful boat!!!



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