This is October 19……

I cant believe how long its been since i wrote or posted anything!   Its been a strange summer, all of July we stayed close by here, anchored in Tod Inlet, i really didnt feel like it very much at the time, its busy, so close to where we always are, most of the time, once the spring starts, i get that strong urge to head North, as far North as possible, but this year things were different, and anchored in Tod ended up being very nice!!    We started with tying to a buoy, owned by a friend of a friend, the buoy is right across from us here , looked good, as far as we could tell, after all, the most important parts are under water, and we were told it was very secure, also for bigger boats.   Curtsy  weighs 16 ton, a heavy girl, so when it started blowing, first a bit, then more and more, i noticed that we seemed to move nicely along the shore, more and more due South, towards another buoy…..  When Bert came home, i told him of my concern, but he said no, that that was normal…… well, as it kept blowing, and at one point i could actually touch the other buoy, we decided to untie and head into Tod Inlet.    That buoy is still sitting in that same spot, right on top of the other one…….

Tod is peaceful, its a park ,bordering on one side to the Butchard gardens, where every evening , at dusk, live music played, which would come floating through the trees,entertaining us, some very nice bands play there, on Saturday nights, they give a fire works show, which they lit to the beat of the music and lasted for a good half hour, we could see some of it above the trees, but to really enjoy the show, we would go into the dinghy and moved closer to the spot  where they light it.    The inlet would fill with boats, many of the locals  arrive the day before in their boats and stern tie right across from the spot where the fire works are most enjoyable.    For any shopping ,showers and water, we would bring the dinghy into the marina.    So yes, the month of July was good, very entertaining and different.    Staying around the area also gave me the opportunity to look at the surroundings in the summer time, we are hardly ever here at that time.   The weather was awesome, beautiful bright skies, soft breezes, all in all very enjoyable.


Wheat fields overlooking Central Saanich.


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