meanwhile, at or near the boat…..

My micro greens are totally outdoing themselves, i am mainly growing peas and spinach right now, the seeds sprout within 3 days, 10 days later we eat the greens in our salads.   I bought a large basil pot, and use the basil every day for cooking, the pot was very full, tons of little plants, so i thinned them out, took out the smallest ones and now the rest of them are just going crazy, beautiful big tops, but they want to bloom, so i will have to pinch them off…… kind of sad…… I also am growing the night scented stock, 8 plants are nestled in a large pot, and it looks like they will bloom within two weeks.  These not so pretty little flowers,  give off the most amazing scent at night, during the day, they shrivel up and look like a weed.    It definitely is a great growing season this year,the berry crops are huge, all around the Central Saanich valley,  the markets are stocked to the brim with fresh veggies and fruits.    Love this time of year….

beautiful skies and beading 051

Wild flower bouquet on the boat!

beautiful skies and beading 045

After the lady bugs finished with the aphids…..

beautiful skies and beading 277

Spring skies.

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