Trinity river.

All along route 299 ,following the river , are government camp sites, most of them down below the road, they seem to be used mostly by fishermen, but for now, all of them were empty!!!    We stopped at Shasta-Trinity , Cedar Flats, a nice and private spot, with lots of greenery and very tall Ponderosa Pine.     A lot of these pines were cut down, and upon inspection, i noticed that the stem roots were totally rotten, these are the main root, basically holding the tree up.      It could be root rot, a disease that has hit B.C. in the past also, we didnt see any sign of  the pine beetle.      The quiet was so lovely, we could hear the river, and some birds, the air smelled of fresh water and greens, a soft breeze was stirring the trees, this was wonderful!!      We loved the desert also, but i dont think i could do without the forests!!!

Bert set up the camp, i cooked dinner, we have a propane heater for in the Westy, there was no power hookup in the campsite, and it was going to be a cold night, Bert rigged up a special holder for the heater, in between the two front seats, so it could not fall, and if it ever did, it would shut off immediately, a nice safety feature!!!

2016 trip South to Mexico 388

Our little propane heater.

2016 trip South to Mexico 394

The very best camp spot.

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