Towards the coast,heading into the forest.

I just lost four posts, due to some very strange things going on with my blog, i am not too happy with the new settings, especially since i surely didn’t ask for them.  I pay for my blog so should be able to work on it the way i see fit.

After a restful night in Williams, we headed towards Redding, bought groceries there and gas, and started towards the coast on route 299.     They have had a lot of flooding here, and for  a long time, the road had been closed, we were warned that there could be up to 15 minutes waiting time, but with the engine shut off, listening to the rapids of the Trinity river ,which the road follows , almost all the way to the ocean, we relaxed and had some snacks.     The road was being reconstructed and rebuilt on the sides, huge chunks of earth had broken loose, and thundered all the way down to the river.   It sure looked like it had been a huge mess, here and there they are taking out  very sharp turns, and rebuilding the very high shoulders.

2016 trip South to Mexico 383

Route 299, whole chunks of hillside were washed away.

2016 trip South to Mexico 385

I took these while driving past, sorry about the bit of blur…..

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