Onwards we go, following the Colorado river.

We found a great RV place, right at the Colorado river, called the Sandbar Resort, we stayed three nights, and did laundries, i washed everything, we had showers every day, relaxed, ( now dont think we didnt have showers before, but some of the showers on the way were a lot to be desired, and surely not all that clean…)    We played cards, went for walks, Ineke had a chance to relax , she was fighting a doozer of a cold, all in all, a very nice, well deserved stay.    The river is busy here, big, very noisy speed boats go ripping by, i found it a shame that they allow that, the river is pristine, still, but gas and oil float on top of the water……      The banks of the river are littered with RV places, everywhere you look, campers!!!!        After the three nights we headed to Lake Havasu city, January 31.    Roel talked about a bridge there, “London Bridge”, the total length of this bridge is 284 meters,  it originally spanned the river Thames, in London, was built in 1830 ,and was taken apart and relocated in 1967.

This bridge was designed in 1799 by Scottish engineer John Rennie, and it was completed in 1831.    But as time passed, and more and more traffic crossed the bridge, the bridge started sinking on one side, by 1924 the east side of the bridge had sunk 4 inches lower then the west side.   It just could not withstand the traffic.     So, in 1967 the town Council began looking for buyers, and the founder and entrepreneur Robert P. McCulloch placed the winning bid of $ 2.460.000!!!    Every block of stone was then numbered, so as to put the bridge back together again in its original shape.    So, there you go, its now a very touristy place, but it was neat to see the bridge and learn of its history.

2016 trip South to Mexico 318

The old London bridge.

2016 trip South to Mexico 315

Stone lion, guarding the fountain at the bridge.


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