Dust storm!!!!

After Lake Havasu , we headed on route 66 towards Bulhead City and Laughlin,.     Route 66 is very desolate here, nothing but sand and the odd bushes, and once a sand storm started ,this became quite the ride!!       I felt i had sand and dust in my hair and teeth, despite the fact that the windows were all closed tight.        Within a short time, the van was covered in dust, so were we, and this storm lasted well into the night. Roel and Ineke wanted to head to Laughlin , to the casinos there, now i was really not too keen on that, as the money wasn’t exactly flowing happely , and again, there is that US dollar, worth so much more then ours.      But, they found rooms for us in Harrah’s hotel and casino, $ 18.00 per night, and the though of sliding into a hot bath suddenly became very important!!!   Bert and i ended up with a room with a king size bed, now for us that is just huge!!!!     I had trouble finding him in the morning!!!!        In the evening , we had dinner at the buffet downstairs, where i found the most delicious things to eat, a lot of them Paleo, so i would not get sick.    We stayed 2 nights, and did some gambling, i won 34 dollars!!!! very exiting, then lost 34 dollars…….    hhmm…… so i am not a gambler!!!!!   But , it was fun.     The dust storm lifted the first night, and the second day, the sun came out, beautiful blue sky, but it was bloody cold!!!!     had to go to the Westy and haul out my winter coat!!!   Gas was cheap here; $1.63 per gallon, not bad…….

2016 trip South to Mexico 321

Driving into the dust storm.

2016 trip South to Mexico 322

A very dreary part of HWY 66

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