Good times to be had by all!!!

You might have noticed that my posts all of a sudden disappeared and changed, yesterday, for whatever reason, the posting changed itself, the size of the photos changed, things doubled up, very , very frustrating!!!   I then shut the whole thing down , just before i was about to throw the PC into the water!!!         So, here we are again, and again, i will tell you, we had a great time in Mexico.      Ineke and myself discovered the lime margaritas, and as her and i  just talked about today, that very first one, sitting at the Malecon, the four of us, that first one tasted the best!!!     After that, i have to confess, we had several more, (on different days!!), but they were never as good as that first one….

We went out for dinner a few times , mostly together with our new found friends, one evening we went to a dollar special, everything was mostly a dollar, or two, or three, the margaritas were one dollar!!!    i ordered quail, tiny little birds, three of them, when they arrived , i could hardly see them on my plate, and they were the toughest little birds i ever ate!!       But, i love to try new things.     Ineke was smart and had the casadea, with guacamole and sour cream……ooohhh….yum!!!!

2016 trip South to Mexico 134

Most delicious , well presented lime margarita.


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