A bit of a bird talk…….

As you know, i love birds, so i cannot pass it up to talk about the few we encountered here, in San Felipe.      First of all, there are the Pidgeons, a small flock lives here, and pretty soon they found out that the Westy, with myself in it or near it, was a great source of some goodies!!!       They behaved themselves quite well, Bert , with his undying love for me, tolerated them, and even Roel after a while stopped smirking at the birds!!    Thank you Roel!!!       They would sit in the van, looking around, sit with us, when we had our coffee with oat cakes, preened themselves near us, and slept right next to us!

Then there were the humming birds, at first just one, but once Ineke changed the mixture in her feeder, here they came!!!!   Lots of them!!!    One was a very beautiful little purple guy, he loved sitting on the handle bars of our bikes.   The little  Finches learned quickly that there were bread crumbs to be had, so our little aviary was complete!

2016 trip South to Mexico 185

Looks like he is sitting on Bert’s lap…….

2016 trip South to Mexico 155

2016 trip South to Mexico 052

No words necessary…..

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