Bud’s tour continued…

He took us over the Malecon, the road strip along the beaches, this is where most the musicians hang out, and where the little restaurants are, we ate here several times, the food is cheap, and i really like it!!      After the Malecon we headed a bit more out of town, where we came face to face with all the unfinished buildings, huge concrete skeletons , supposing to be a hotel, or resort, rebar lying around, lots of it, cement posts sticking out of the sand, all abandoned, nothing finished, no more funds.   Its very sad to see this, we did come to one area , where they are buildings some fancy homes, more California style, the Americans live in these, but only the odd one was occupied, several were for sale, everything feels deserted and lonely.2016 trip South to Mexico 054

2016 trip South to Mexico 062

The area outside of San Felipe, mostly large, fancy houses, with no one in them.

2016 trip South to Mexico 065

The red brick driveways are being build by hand.

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