A tour by Bud!!

Bud pulled his car behind his motor home, he lives all the way on Bainsbridge Island, has to take a ferry near Seattle !!!     So, on one of the nice sunny mornings, Roel ,Bert and myself settled ourselves in Bud’s car and away we went!!   Its a good thing ,he REALLY knows where to go!!!!         He took us through the streets, lined by shops, venders everywhere ,music coming from several boom boxes, the roads are very rough, some of them just loose rocks, everywhere are people, fixing things, selling things, little stands with POLO, chicken, barbecued right on the side walk, the smells are lovely, i think i could have eaten polo every day!!     Actually, i think we did!!!     mexicans with   Little carts, built on top of a bike, or trike, offer coconut drinks, pina colada, or orange juice.     We stopped at the biggest grocery store, and Bud showed us all the wares, everything looked good and fresh.     The avocados were 10 cents each!!!!!!!      We bought many……..  But we always paid in US dollars, so you try to convert it all in your head but i grew tired of that, we needed it, and that was that!!!      Bert managed to find a bike repair shop, just a little shed with a bit of a roof, and all kinds of bike parts in side.       One of my tires was about to blow up, so Bert took by bike to him, and came back with two beautiful new tires, with white walls!!!!     This is truly amazing as i have a folding bike and the tires are very small, what are the chances that someone in San Felipe has these size tires??????

On we went with Bud, he showed us the outskirts of the town, the immense poverty, the government built low cost housing  here, but they are barely  200 square feet, a cement block, people lived in some of them, others were trashed, glass broken, filled with garbage.       The amazing thing is, that those that were occupied, mainly by families, had the cleanest laundry hanging outside i have ever seen!!!!    Absolutely snow white shirts, the children here have uniforms for school, and they look spotless at all times!!!!As we drove by, people standing outside ,waved to us, and gave us a big smile.   What a lesson is this, how much we have, how rich we are, and then, we are still complaining!!    I felt helpless, what could i do, i wanted to start a garbage pickup, because all the garbage of the low cost housing lies around the buildings, in the sand.      Little kids play there, surrounded by skinny dogs, and these little boys laugh and have fun!!!!         There are so many young men standing around because the fishing has been terminated, what else can they do!????     Sell stuff to the rich Americans, come by and ask them to wash their huge motor homes, but what else can they do…….

2016 trip South to Mexico 096

Many of the signs are in English ,to lure the tourists.

2016 trip South to Mexico 142

Selling jewelry on the street, this vendor came by time and time again, i wish i could have just bought the whole thing…….





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