A Reflection…..

First, start of summer, and already there has been no rain for many weeks,
but the towels can hang on the life lines, every day, they are dry in 30 minutes,
everything is bright, light, and at that time we would like this to go on forever….
and it did, or so it seemed, the woods dried up, so did the creeks, water levels became dangerously low,
water restrictions everywhere, birds are looking for the odd small puddle,
sometimes they find a small bowl filled with water, put there by a kind stranger.
The forest fires are the big wake up call, there is huge danger out there,
people become nervous ,watchful, the skies fill with smoke.
maybe this is not such a good thing, all this heat, this sun,
predictions were that the hot weather would go on right into September…
It is August 29, and its pouring rain out there, big sheets of water.
The earth first does not know what to do with it, the ground is unyielding,
but then slowly it starts absorbing,
Salmon are waiting at the mouths of the creeks, pretty soon ,
they will be able to do what they came back for, lay their eggs in the pebbles, at the bottom of the creeks.
Mosquito will hatch again and feed the birds and dragon flies.
The Purple Martins are getting ready to leave  for their long trip South, to South America.
The oil stove in the boat has already been on ,warming the air on cold mornings,
some nights are crisp, we can smell the fall in the air.
September will still bring sun,we might travel some more, but then, we might head South.
We will bring her to Brentwood bay, put the tarp over the cockpit,
give the Westfalia a wash and wax, and go looking for new adventures.
Stay tuned……

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