Curtsy is doing well. WE have had no major problems at all, the charging system works well, our batteries, 6 of them, golfcart, are now 8 years old, but not showing any signs of wear.
Bert fills them up every 3 weeks with distilled water, the two solar panels have outdone themselves this summer, but then we also had nothing but sun!!
On average they bring in 16 amp. continuous.
On the odd cloudy day we run the Honda 2000 gas generator, and then charge everything too, batteries for the cameras, computers, and i can vacuum, which sometimes is really, really necessary!!
The wind generator has not been used, it seems to be out of balance , i think its the bearing, and now makes a terrible racket when turning.
Next year a new one….. maybe…….
We keep the water tanks full, usually , at anchor, we use only one tank, and fill that one with our portable tank, we use on average 12 to 15 gallons per day, for everything!!
While at the dock, like right now, we use all three tanks.The water maker is only used once every week, or when truly necessary, it does need to run that often to keep it clean.
We carry two propane tanks, each 30 lbs. We do two months with one tank, this is all cooking and baking, for hot water we run the Hurricane heating system,which runs on diesel. \

So there you go, our home on the water, the last few mornings it has been cold, we sleep with lots of portholes open for fresh air, so when i get up i start the diesel stove, which brings the temp up within a half hour. We love this stove and find it the most important item on board.
Curtsy is dry and warm, she is fully insulated, which is absolutely wonderful. If you see us out there sometimes, come and have a look!!
You are most welcome!!!

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