July 9th , from Comox harbour back to Pender harbour.

We left after 1 pm , as the tide was then in our favor, we crossed the Comox bar, and then raised all three sails.
Not much wind, as yet, but we did manage to bring the speed up to a whopping 3 knots!!!
So nice though, to just quietly sail along, not in a hurry, it took us about four hours to get to the North point of Texada island, wind changed, and engine was started.
By then, the tide was NOT in our favor, stands to reason, anyways, we motored the rest of the way, a long way, Texada is a very long island!!
I made dinner, we watched the sun set, it was blowing about 8 knots, right on the nose, i did the dishes, and then just sat and relaxed, we knew we would be coming into Pender Harbour in the dark.
I reminded Bert to put both GPS on night vision, and we turned the radar on too.
But it all worked out well, Bert is a very capable skipper, we slowly motored into the harbour, after working our way through the many islands, and at 11.30 we anchored in front of Madeira park.
All was well, we did good.
Next day we did realize that you need to reset your GPS to regular vision in the dark, not in daylight!!!!

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