As we were leaving Tsehum Harbour , i wrote this…..

There is something to say
for this harbour feeling
boats, all sizes,all shapes,
motor and sail
going in and out,all day
Tsehum harbour is busy,
several marinas and a fuel dock,
come out into this bay
the fuel dock has constant customers,
yawls, ketches sloops, huge motor vessels,and small,
some brand new white,some a deep red and black,
vintage, all wood,
in between swim the Canada geese,
babies in tow,
turkey vultures fly over,
in search of those fresh cut fields,
the odd seal pops up its head,next to our boat.
We do long for a quiet little bay,
but this marine feeling spells freedom!!!!
Curtsy is my small island
where i can be myself,
do my chores, my beading, my writing,
write down my thoughts,
there is no life like it!!!

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