Moving on, places to go and see…

We left Tsehum Harbour on June 10th, after finishing all the things to be done. Bert helped Margo paint her new bathroom, and the doors and casings in the condo.
We saw all our friends, went out to the movies, out for dinner, and had a very relaxing time.
I decided to start a cleanse, food wise that is, Erin told me about it, it is called ;
basically you stop eating any dairy, any grains, no bread, no baked goodies, no wine (that is hard), no food additives, just a lot of veggies, protein in the form of eggs, meat, fish, fruit is fine, NO SUGAR!!!!!, no sugar of any kind!!! I am so used to it now , it feels, and i feel very good.
Bert eats right along but does have his bread, and dairy, telling him he cant eat any Gouda cheese is just not a possibility!!!!!
I grow Night Scented Stock on board, a small pink flower, not looking very nice at all, but the scent at night, as soon as its dark is amazing, so soft and beautiful !!
Also i grow the veggies like i do every year, peas, arugula, beets and mustard greens, they are micro greens, and i harvest them once they are about 4″ tall, the peas and the arugula grow back again!!! My large pot of basil is doing great!!
My little bonsai has never been this green, it seems to like the weather too!!!!

One of the whole30 dinners.

One of the whole30 dinners.

The delicate little flowers from night scented stock.

The delicate little flowers from night scented stock.

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