Sequim,S’kallam tribe

This will be my last post for this trip, we stopped in Sequim, mainly because driving by, my eyes fell on some beautiful totem poles, lots of them, and gorgeous first nation buildings.
Bert did a turnaround and we explored all the art. The giant store, run by first nations, contains just about everything you might need, but it was all very expensive.
There is a casino next door, seemed to be very popular to judge by the amount of cars parked there.
I was just interested in the art, here are photos of some of the pieces, but before i finish this page, i want to say that we had a good trip, we chatted and encountered many Americans all along the way, everyone was very helpful, very kind, people were interested in us, in our Westy, “those two crazy oldies in their funny little RV”, but it was fun, we never were worried about leaving the Westy parked somewhere, never encountered any trouble, so thank you, folks of the USA, it was great!!!! We will be back!!!! Soon……561562

Names of the artists

Names of the artists


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