Home again, a new page, new stories.

Nothing feels quite so good as to come home, in our case, to our boat, our trusty Curtsy, once we had everything put away, and we went to get the bonsai tree back from a friend, we noticed that the weather was just wonderful, clear warmish days, no strong winds, so we planned to stretch Curtsy’s legs a bit and took off for Cabbage island, we first stopped in Poet’s cove, tied to one of the buoys there, oh but i forgot, while underway, we were stopped, actually not stopped but kind of joined by a border control boat, a large zodiac, four guys on board, two Americans, two Canadians, we maintained our speed, they did too, asked us where we were going , if all emergency equipment was on board, looked us over a bit and away they went again!!!
Is was wonderfully quiet in Poet’s cove, only one other boat, we stayed two nights , and then headed to Tumbo island and Cabbage island, a marine park, right alongside Georgia strait, but the weather was so nice, that this was our chance to go there, if its blowing hard, the little bay with its mooring buoys in not a good place because of the swell.
Little cabbage island is a magical place, beautiful trees, many large Yews, and towering Aspen trees, one of the Douglas fir trees had an eagles nest in it, the eagles were busy restoring the nest, flying back and forth with large branches.
Birds were everywhere, Buffleheads,Oystercatchers, Commen marganzers, Barrow’s goldeneye, Bald eagle, canada goose, gulls, crows, raven, and coots.
I love watching the Oystercatchers, turning stones and prying the oysters open with their red beaks.

In the evening we looked at the lights of Vancouver across the way, with high tide that is, and the beautiful peak of Mount Baker, in Washington.

The next day Bert found a garbage can, with a lid, brandnew, washed ashore, and we cleaned the whole little Cabbage island, filled the can with plastics, ropes, buckets and old life jackets.
This is one little spot on this beautiful coast, i am always amazed at the plastics, but then, look how much we use the stuff, and it will never go away, but can be recycled into other stuff…….
We met up with some fishermen, looking for clams and oysters, they noticed us gathering garbage, and i think it got them thinking, hope so…..

looking towards Curtsy

looking towards Curtsy

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