Making new friends along the way.

We mostly followed hwy.1 along the coast, leaving San Francisco behind, the weather was mild, no rain, much better then when we were heading South before, i love this road, winding along through farmers fields, old fences, barns, lots of ambiance, the evening light was magical, but it was getting dark soon, the road wound around a deep gully, and below, i looked at a campsite, bordering right unto the beach. Bert kept driving, he had not seen it, but something told me for us to turn and go there, it looked very full with 5th wheelers and rv’s, but right at the water, several spots were available ,so we backed into one, facing the ocean. It was dark by now so we didnt get to meet any of our fellow campers till the next morning.

Our view from our campsite.

Our view from our campsite.

The campground is called Anchor Bay campground, their motto is “Where the redwoods meet the sea”, family camping since 1925!!!
It is situated just north of Gualala, on the Mendocino county coast.
Quite a few of the permanent campers bought their spot, and spend the winter here,we met our friend Jim here, who later on came to B.C. with his lady friend, and the four of us went out for dinner in Victoria .516

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