The next morning, we met Gail, who lives in Alaska and travels in her old Chevy truck, back and forth to Mexico, twice a year, she sleeps in the cab, and makes it look like she has nothing valuable with her, she does this on purpose, and so far she has not had any trouble at all, but then, neither did we!!
Gail loves art, she makes jewelry, does some awesome knitting, and finds all the local art shops, meets lots of people, and after spending time with her, we now consider her a good friend!
Gail is 63 years old!

And then there is Peter, we saw ,looking around, a wonderful but strange looking Westy parked nearby, i grabbed my camera, and started taking pictures, you will see why, peter came back from the showers, introduced himself, and we right away felt that we had met a kindred spirit!!!
Peter and his lady,Nancy, travel all through the US , showing people the van, handing out cards, and looking to see where they can help and show some kindness.
Peter was by himself this day, so we didnt meet his lady.
I really felt that it was so meant to be for us to meet him, another special soul to call our friend.
here are some of the wonderful slogans , painted on his van.


Her are some of the suggestions that are written on the cards Peter hands out:
Send a note of appreciation to someone who has made a difference in your life.
Give someone a genuine compliment unrelated to looks or wardrobe.
Volunteer to do a chore or a favor for someone.
make an extra lunch today and give it away to someone to enjoy.
Mail a postcard to a friend telling them you are thinking of them.515

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