Towards Los Angeles,and through Los Angeles, looking for nice weather.

We had decided to not stay in the parks anymore, most of them do not have plug-ins ,and it was still just too cold at night. We also decided to drive through Los Angeles ,to keep right on going, the city is very dirty,garbage lying around all alongside the roads, no one seemed to care, people just throw stuff out, furniture,food scraps, i had a hard time with it, and we read later on in a local newspaper, that it had become a huge problem, no one seemed to know what to do about it. A lot of people are just hanging around,i believe there is still a very problem with unemployment.

We drove through Long beach, Huntington beach,Newport beach, and ended up in San Clemente, a town ,right at the ocean, with streets,lined with trees, mostly palm trees, houses painted white with tile roofs,flowers every where, plus a nice courtyard for relaxing with a latte or two. People were friendly, and the overall feeling was good. I roamed around a bit, and found that there are a lot of artists here, their work is displayed in cute little shops. It was very early December, so all the stores were decorated for Christmas.

marvelous courtyard,sun is shining,and a nice vanilla latte is on the way.

marvelous courtyard,sun is shining,and a nice vanilla latte is on the way.

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