Deciding to keep going.

Because of the bad weather we didn’t stop or stay in San Francisco,other then one overnight, we kept following Hwy.1,all along the coast,the RV camping spots are not nearly as well maintained as the ones in Oregon, in California, we found them to be quite dirty, washrooms not cleaned properly, and overall not a good atmosphere. This was mainly the case in Northern California. North of Hearst castle,at William Randolph Hearst State park, is an elephant seal rookery, we stopped there, in the pouring rain, but the male seals were mainly battling it out on the sand for their own spot of beach,the females were watching ,with a very bored expression on their faces. Later on, on the way back from our trip, we stopped again and i will tell you about it then, and show some photos of these amazing animals. We headed for Morro bay, or rather Los Osos, where there is a Volkswagen,Westfalia store, with every possible gadget and part for a Westy you could imagine. Needless to say,Bert couldn’t wait to get there.

surfers,all along the shore

surfers,all along the shore

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