Newfie talk!!!

Walking downtown St.John’s,i heard two old timers talk about their trucks, at least, i think i did hear the word truck….not sure….
In the stores, the locals will talk english, i guess you could call it “proper” english, but when amongst themselves, they use the dialect, and for the life of me, i cannot follow it!!!
One friendly lad mentioned to me that it was cold enough that day for splitting rocks!!!
So, when its cold, its splitting rocks!!!
here are some words to remember when you head out there, you might not use them, but at least you know what the conversation is about!!
cuffer-a conversation
Twack- going shopping but most likely looking around.
Bivver- brrr… very cold!!
Stogged-how you feel after eating too much!
Sleveen- a rascal!!! haha, i know a few of those!!!
The once- time related
Squish-not straight
Racket-loud noises (like at a party)
Figgy duff-pudding
Crooked-Bad mood
Scoff-big meal!!
Vamp-heal,toe part of a sock.
Chaw bag-someone that gossips too much (know some of those too..)

So, there you have it, you need to study these so you will fit in when you are there!! Example;
The once if not crooked,i’ll be going for a twack and some food,hope i am not too stogged after a scoff,and too much screech so i have to walk home in a bivver ,when its splitting rocks!!!

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