Ferry land, Trepassey,a truly wild coast.

I had to check what i have been writing about, so many awesome places, so many photos to choose from,(only734), the last day we had together we drove down the Avalon Peninsula,see how far we could go, we ended up at Trepassey,there was one place there , offering dinner, so thats what we did.
Thanks to the lady serving us we found out that going all the way around was just not possible, as the bridge was broken and no traffic could get through for the next few days.
She made sure that we knew about the moose, so that we would not dally too long there in Trepassey before it got dark.
The centre of the Peninsula is a wilderness reserve,of 1070 sq.km.
We did not see much wildlife , some ducks, but no moose, the only two moose we saw were right on the side of the highway close to St.John’s!!!
You cannot see any of the seabirds from the shore, most of them are on the islands and rocks just outside the harbor, i so hoped to see some puffins but you have to go out in a boat, so we will do that next time!!
Gulls,Razorbills,murres,guillemots,kittiwakes and puffins nest here.

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