An altogether different journey.

On May 20th i flew to Newfoundland,to stay with Bert for a few weeks.
The time difference is 4 1/2 hours ahead, so by the time i finally arrived, it was midnight there and seven thirty in B.C. Being the end of May i was very optimistic about the weather,didn’t bring a coat, no gloves or scarf,and was wearing sandals on my feet…no socks….. Well, stepping out of the airport terminal, the cold hit me, the kind of cold that goes right through you, Atlantic ocean kind of cold, i remember it well, i lived in
Cape Breton for a while.
There were no leaves on the trees, at all, no grass growing yet!!!!
After a few days,looking around, travelling with Bert and Roel,Bert’s brother, around St.John’s, i slowly fell in love with the place, the warmth of the people very much so makes up for the cold weather!!
Driving around St.John’s is a bit tricky to say the least, because of the severe frost in winter, the roads are in terrible shape, pot holes, actually i call them pot craters,are every where, the way the roads are directed,it really puts your driving skills to the test,but people are patient, there is no honking, no swearing, they just very nicely wait till you have it figured out where you wanted to go in the first place!

St.John’s harbor is busy, very busy, a variety of ships, serving the oil rigs out in the ocean,come in for refitting or supplies, several large Coast Guard ships line the docks, and in between all this ,fishing boats go in and out, loading new netting and supplies, i really admire these guys, going out in the Atlantic Ocean, i find this coast definitely wilder, more rugged and somehow more dangerous.

And for sure , out there, to make things really interesting , are the icebergs, huge mountains of ice, coming down from Greenland’s glaciers. This year is apparently the best year to see these beauties, the best year since 2003.

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