Stepping back a bit, photos from the card out of the drowned camera,plus an update.

This is October 8th, and i bought a little device that can download photos from a card, yes, the drowned card, which is still ok!!     There they were. 117 of them, some of our friends of MV Meridian, so i want to post them now.

We are in Brentwood Bay, will stay here for some of the winter months, Bert is busy, working on boats, he is happy, keeps him busy, i am trying to get used to the busy surroundings , the cars, noise, people, but, there are wonderful spots to walk here, farms, surrounded by fields and  trails, lots of vegies to buy, and then there is yoga, tai chi, so i hope to do some healing here.     I miss Pender Harbour terribly, it really has become my home, but then, we can go there any time we want, plus, they wont move it away any time soon yet…….Pender harbour that is……..

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