Victoria to Sidney

We left Victoria on the 13th, and stayed one night over in Cordova bay.    Then to Sidney, where we were first anchored out, but are now tied to our friends buoy, as the fuel injectors had to be inspected, and it is not a comfy feeling to be anchored out without the engine.          We have been spending time with friends and family, restocking the boat, Bert bought a car, a Honda Odyssy, it has lots of room, we hope to drive south this coming winter, head out once in a while , as Annie is not here anymore, and we can leave the boat safely in Pender harbour where we are headed next.   What is ahead, we dont know,might do a big trip again, maybe north again, if we go south next fall i will surely let you all know!!!!!!      Our friends of SV THEA are there now, heading to San Diego.              Thank you for reading my blog, it is so much fun to do, i will keep writing, it might not be as interesting as when we travel all the time, but check it out anyways!!!

Well, things have changed, we are now staying in this area, we found a spot in Brentwood Bay, where we used to be for the winter, several years ago, its a good slip, plus Bert can help his brother and i hope to join Tai Chi and yoga.   I will miss Pender Harbour badly, but i am in need of staying put for a while, and we are going there with the car to see our friends.

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