The rest of the trip…..

Its been a long time , seems months ago since we were cruising.    We are now in Sidney, anchored out in Tsehum harbour, Bert is working for his brother for a few days, i am cleaning the boat, organizing, and trying to get back to kind of normal…..                                But first, i need to still tell about the rest of the trip, the photos i took with Bert’s little Nikon camera, it did well, but oh, do i ever miss my Canon!!!     We met Mary  In Tofino,she owns a power boat , MV Sol Duc, a very capable lady , handling her boat by herself,  we also met with a great couple, just married, they were on their honeymoon, in their sailboat  “Red Thread”, a Catalina Morgan, beautiful boat.     We kept seeing each other in the anchorages after Tofino, i sure didnt mind leaving there, very wet, dirty docks, people were falling all around us slipping on  the slime.    Tofino is so busy, still in the middle of tourist season, its a culture shock after the quiet and peace on the coast.   We had anchored out first, no one else seems to do that there, we were told there is bad holding, too many crab traps, which is true, the crab trap part, but we had no problem, plus the marina was chock full.   Then, two nights later, early morning, a storm started up, prediction of 35 knots and more, Bert was watching the marina and saw a powerboat leaving, on the outside, easy spot for us, so we hauled the anchor and raced over there, as much as Curtsy can race, its a first come first serve marina, so we really lucked out, it then blew and poured for three days, so we made the right decision.

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