2 thoughts on “peeking into the forest .

  1. Hi Mejan! Loved your story and pics of the otter-you were sooo lucky and I’m jealous. Sorry to hear you aren’t going south, Dave told us when we stopped at Fishermans end of August. We saw Rosie when we were there but PauHana just left and said she had just passed away. She had a tumour I think. Poor Dave…thought you’d like to know. Are you staying there this winter?

    • HI GUYS!!! yes,we knew that Rosie past,we were going to take care off her the end of Sept. She just got tired,a neurological problem,my golden died from that too,shaking,not being able to walk.. I feel so for David ,this is so hard. All these oldy critters,we are so attached,and then,away they go,with wings!!! Yes,i think we will be there for the winter,we cannot affort Sidney,plus we love it there!! Are you guys good??? We will be in Sidney in a few days or so,leaving Barkley Sound tomorrow. It is amazing here!!!! Love you and see you soon!!!

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