My thoughts….

Mist,fog,swells,and wave heights,the shores green,trees stunted in growth,natural bonsai    Rock cliffs worn by continuous waves,immense beauty,total wildness, birds,scoters,gulls,trying to get a taste of the little fish ,coming into the bay, lone eagle flying overhead,watching for that one small oppertunity…..                        The quiet is marvelous,its all consuming,out in Roller bay, a sudden growling, grumbling, loud and clear,the sea lion bulls are huddled on bare rocks , far out towards the ocean.                      The beach is littered with bleached driftwood,dried kelp and white shells.  Rocks, rolled about by the constant swell are just about perfect in roundness.        I feast my eyes on them, and then collect just a few………                    We clean up, plastic bottles,plastic jars, hoping other visitors will do the same……….



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