And more fog……

On the 30th, with more fog in the morning, we decided to head out anyways, radar on, both GPS”s working, and me, standing on the bow, with the copper, antique horn from Holland, blowing hard, every 3 minutes!!    Once in a while we heard an answer from afar, no worries about those boats.   We also have our AIS on, so we can see the boats around us, how fast they are going and which direction.   Going past Pulteney Point, we heard the fog horn blowing there, a very eerie  sound……      The fog lifted a bit, going past Port hardy , and we saw he cruise ship, “Volendam”  go by, travelling south.      The wind came up, fog lifted, and we headed towards Bull Harbour on Hope Island.    The island and the bay are owned by First nations, the Tlatlasikwala, they are now taking care of the island, and live in the village of Humtasi, which was established in 1850.       Bull Island is named after the many  Sea lion bulls, hanging out here, when we were at the beach, we saw them out on the rocks, just growling and grumping, like a bunch on old men!!!!!!

The water maker stopped working, just before Hope Island, too much algae in the water for sure, the filters were just filthy after only one hour.    Later on Bert cleaned it all, ran water through, and it worked fine again.      We anchored in the bay, and watch the fog settle back in.   We could hear the constant swell, hitting the beach, Roller Bay, i could not wait to get there the next day!!!       First Nation will charge for tying the dinghy to their dock, they also will charge for anchoring, but they never charged us.     We paid 5 dollars each the next day, to go ashore, and walk to the beach.    This was so well worth it, the forest is ancient and very beautiful, the beach just overwhelmed me, here are my thoughts about this…….

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