August 28th, Comox , felt like coming home….

We anchored out front , behind the break water, no boats there, funny actually, most boats all anchor close to the spit, as its shallow there i guess, but we have been anchored in front of the harbor many times, once during a good size South Easter, 35 knots, so we trust the holding there. Also , we can row ashore, even pick up the wifi, which helps a lot….    Every day, the fishing vessel MV Pacific Rancher comes in at 5 pm sharp, and we buy prawns from him, a huge bag full, for 30 dollars.      I fried them in garlic butter…..We have family here, lots of family so needless to say we spent a lot of time with them, we had stories , they had stories, it was great, we walked to Filberg park, i love all the incredible plants and trees that grow there, definitely had my camera ready….

We moved the boat into the harbor, we watch for a good spot for Curtsy, there is no need to call in, just park the boat, tie her up and go and report.    I needed to clean out the water tanks, drain them, fill again with a tbsp. of bleach, let sit, drain again and again and again.      They sure needed it, i try to do this once a year.   Bert cleaned the hull, it had that yellow cruising smile on it, i washed all the little curtains, things started to look nice again.       It had been 5 months of travel.

2017 Gowlland, Comox 039Fresh, large prawns from MV Pacific Rancher


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