heading towards Seymour Narrows.

On August 25th, we motored to Granite bay, (Takish Bay), we left at 13.00 , so the tide would be in our favor.   There were no wind warnings for Johnstone Strait that day….   Amazing actually, there is ALWAYS wind in Johnstone Strait!!!      We had to time it right on August 26th, to go through Seymour narrows, no room for mistakes!!  We left at 12.30, in Granite bay, slack water would be at 15.22, turning to flood.    We did well, there are some pretty tricky spots  concerning the tides in Johnstone Strait.    We anchored again at April Point , boats generally dont anchor there, but we find the holding excellent, and its a fun view, watching all the big ships go by, especially the cruise ships, they all go through Seymour Narrows.       One of them was the very huge ship, “THE WORLD”    , apparently you can live on that ship, IF you have a ton of money that is.

2017 Gowlland, Comox 004This is MV MARABEL,  i wrote about her before , when we first saw her she was a mess, this time she was all fixed up, beautifully painted, i am not sure if they are going to use her for touring North and back.

2017 Gowlland, Comox 0062017 Gowlland, Comox 002our view in the evening, one of the many cruise ships going by.

On August 28th we headed to Comox, now it really felt like going home, a beautiful , bright day.   We left at 8.45, and ended up going over the Comox bar at 14.00.

2017 Gowlland, Comox 020

2017 Gowlland, Comox 022Huge barge being pulled by a large tug, oh my goodness, all the trees…..

2017 Gowlland, Comox 027

2017 Gowlland, Comox 029

2017 Gowlland, Comox 033very busy buoy, how on earth can they all fit on there…

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