I am interrupting my story to tell you about a new crew member, a furry one.    His name is Baloo, he is called a black tabby, but has the most amazing stripes, some folks think that he is part Bengal , he is smart, and very loving, was born on may 13, and is now a full blown teenager, full of trouble.      This Thursday he is going to be Neutered, its time.  We found Baloo in the Comox valley, at KITTY CAT P.A.L.S.    Prevent a litter society.   The kittens are vet checked, get their first shots, de-flead and wormed, they then go to a foster home, where they are handled all the time, get to know people, other cats, dogs, Baloo is so loving and trusting, our former cat , Annie , was always scared of everyone.   She had been put in a cage when very small so never interacted with people.

Hot days and Baloo 129Baloo, our little admiral!

Hot days and Baloo 151lots of snoozing, needs to be done!

Hot days and Baloo 183he LOVES hanging over the side, watching the water, he actually loves water, plays with it every day, he did go into the salt twice, the second time he didn’t like it so much, it was cold, he started shaking, i gave him a warm bath which he loved, then held him for a long time till he warmed up.  he now seems to be a lot more careful!!


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