Shoal harbour, continued.

Going through Retreat Passage, we had the tide with us, and managed to do a phenomenal speed for Curtsy, i took a photo, no one would believe this…

2017 187

2 thoughts on “Shoal harbour, continued.

  1. Was wonderful talking with you and bert on the dock at Brentwood bay. Thanks for sharing with us some of your adventures and answering our questions. I hope we werent too obtrusive. I wish we could be that brave to venture into the unknown like that. Thank you so much for allowing us to view your website. I’ve been in it for 2 hours and can’t seem to close it out. But getting tired and headed for bed. Would have loved to have talked again before we left on Sunday but when we came by you weren’t up top and we didnt want to disturb you. Looking forward to viewing more blogs. Thanks again Biill And Sharon White

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